10 – 11:15  ‘Telling our stories’ writing workshop Facilitator: Jane Claire Bradley of For Books’ Sake

Whether it’s fact or fiction, brilliant things happen when women write down their stories. Whether you’re already an avid scribbler, if you’ve got a story you’ve always wanted to tell, or you just want to try putting pen to paper, this fun, informal workshop will look at generating ideas, creating character and atmosphere (and no-one has to read out loud unless they want to)!


12 – 1:15pm Creating a successful Crowdfunding campaign Facilitators: Sarah Evans and Rachel Moorhouse  of Art with Heart Art with Heart offer an introduction to crowdfunding, exploring:

  • Is crowdfunding is right for you?
  • Which crowdfunding platform is right for your campaign
  • Identifying your target audience
  • Making a crowdfunding video
  • Creating appealing rewards
  • How to pitch your project
  • How to keep up momentum after launching
  • Making your pledgers feel valued

13:30 – 1:55 and 2-2:25pm Hula-Hooping Facilitator: Cathy Boardman of I Hula Hoop

Hula hooping workshop for all levels. Whether you were a whiz in the playground but haven’t tried it since, already adept or have never got the hang of it come and have a go, we’ll have something for everyone. Local hoop teacher Cathy delights in getting everyone moving – especially those who think they’ll never be able to do it (don’t tell anyone but you’re her favourite).
Cathy is online teaching the very basics, and was recently on Strictly Come Dancing teaching Naga and Pasha in preparation for their hip-intensive cha-cha.
Countless of her students have gone on to become professional performers and many more widened their social landscape, found a new hobby and more importantly had fun!
A range of adult sized hula hoops are provided in the session but Cathy makes and sells them so there will be some available to buy if you get hooked! You can just wear normal clothes to the session but make sure you can move around comfortably and bring a bottle of water. / twitter / instagram @ihulahoop /

4:15-5:15 ‘Writing Your Truth’ Post Glue Performance Workshop  Facilitator: Louise Wallwein See Glue Performance and workshop page

11-2pm Dear Friend (drop in) Facilitators: Hebe Phillips of Dear Friend and The Proud Trust Dear Friend is a letter-writing project celebrating women in public life and struggles for liberation. Write a letter to support a woman who inspired you or who made a difference in an area of equality: such as the fight against slavery; racial discrimination; or the ongoing fight for peace. Your letters will be posted, digitised and transcribed and put online to help raise the profile of whoever you should be celebrated! You can write anything from a postcard to a full letter, and hand-write it or type it. For more information about the project and to see their suggestions board of women to write to visit: