taurus 1 Ladies what munch, Sapphormation 2012.
In 2012 our colleagues at The Proud Trust were having lots of conversations about lesbian and bisexual women’s visibility. It was felt that there are few places and spaces where women who are lesbian or bisexual can get together. So we planned to do something about this.

The ‘Gay Scene’ (in urban areas only) is still male-dominated, ‘body beautiful’, anti-intellectual and commercially driven – excluding many women. Those who ‘find each other’, (e.g. online), remain largely in homogenous groups who inhabit domestic spaces to socialise. They are often depoliticised and lacking the connectedness of a ‘community’.

Rarely is there the space and context in the lives of lesbian and bisexual women to explore and reflect on their own lives, and to talk with a wide range of other lesbian and bisexual women. This lack will be addressed in our event the Sapphormation Festival. Women will meet, discuss, debate and participate in fun activities – drawing both strength and action from this. We will have experts and thinkers from communities and Universities – to run lively interactive workshops plus activities, music, discussion and craft from local LGBT and women’s groups to provide a fun range of events, including an interactive panel debate, lampost climbing, drumming, engaging workshops, great food, Rapture (Women’s centered club night) and more.

Why do we need Sapphormation?

>• To combat negative stereotyping
• To raise visibility so lesbian and bisexual women get the chance to see one another across the city
• A chance to get together, come back together or connect –  this event gives us the chance to think and talk outside of the village/ pubs and clubs
• The event is for free, but we can take donations/ do some fundraising to help fund our lesbian and bisexual women’s services
• We can raise the profile of the services we offer
• The things we want to explore are Lesbian Lives, Spaces and Places, Bisexuality and Bi visibility, Multiple Identities (Disability/ Working Class/ Race/ Motherhood in Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Lives- and how these intersect)